English factory tour to Foxconn again

English factory tour to Foxconn again

Thursday 14 April was another day of visit - factory tour to premises of Foxconn Kutná Hora. This was a certain kind of follow up of previously paid visit  to this company on 22 March this year.

This time there was however, another group of students - the form of VS3E. The program was similar to the previous one: an opening instructive introduction of the company, then the tour round the premises and at last snack and a final wrap-up with discussions held in the conference room again. For sure, all program was held in English, which was a good chance for students to get closer and more familiar with their studied language.

As there were a larger number of students than before, for the tour round the production floor we were split into two groups, which approved to be a very good idea. One group was guided by Mr. Jiří Kalát, a QA engineer and another one by Mr. Darin Parks who is involved mostly in rack business and is in charge of liaising with Hewlett-Packard company.

As a main point the students learned, that there is never any more important part of the operations than some other one, as every step is of the same grade of importance. If anything in the production chain got stuck - that could create a problem and a stuck for the manufacturing process at all.



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